Meet Scott


Certified Addiction Counsellor

Ryerson University Bachelor of Commerce

McMaster University Addiction Careworker Diploma

The addiction and mental health field has been something that has interested me for as long as I can recall. I always knew being involved in a helping profession was something I wanted to do, whether in a professional or volunteering capacity. While at university completing my business degree, I made the decision to specialize in Human Resources, a helping profession in its own right. After working in the financial services industry for a number of years however, I knew my true passion was to be in a more hands-on role. I enrolled at McMaster University and completed my degree in addictions counselling.

This brings me to the present, where I am a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor. I provide private client-centered therapy, assessments, treatment planning and referrals, and crisis interventions. My goal is to provide professional and compassionate guidance to my clients through each phase of their recovery. I am committed to excellence while providing a supportive environment, as we work together to achieve my client’s goals

Since 2008, I have led and facilitated mental health and alcohol and drug use support groups at Upper Canada College in Toronto and have lectured to parents and students. My speaking engagements on mental health and addictions have taken me to other independent schools, Toronto District School Board schools, and businesses in Toronto.

I have received awards for Academic Excellence from Ryerson University where I completed my Bachelor of Commerce and then went to McMaster University where I completed my Addiction Careworker Diploma. In the spring of 2016 I was honored with the Harold A.D. Roberts Award for volunteering in the community.

Change-in any facet of one’s life and in any capacity-is scary. People generally resist change due to the unknowns that surround it. Knowing something in your life has to change but feeling powerless to do anything about it can lead to stress, conflict and uncertainty in all areas of life. Change is possible and sustainable with the right support and guidance and there is no shame in asking for help and overcoming your dependency on alcohol and/or drugs! You do not have to live this way anymore.

There is something incredibly special witnessing someone who was miserable, empty and could not live life without abusing drugs and alcohol, and watching them overcome their addiction. Seeing my clients lead a life that is filled with amazing relationships, families coming back together, professions completed, and most importantly they have become a whole-person! My clients work with me to establish healthy relationships, commit to their professions, lead genuinely happy and fulfilled lives, and reunite with family. When I witness their new-found self-control, I feel their strong sense of accomplishment. This all begins with asking for help.

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Dr. Matthew Burke, MD
Chief Neurology Resident, University of Toronto

I worked with Scott as part of the University of Toronto Substance Abuse Awareness Initiative. Together, we gave talks at local high schools focusing on the science of addiction. Scott’s enthusiasm and dedication to this field is supremely evident. Furthermore, he offers a unique and comprehensive approach to addictions and their management. I would strongly recommend him!

Alex Tapscott
Co-author of Blockchain Revolution

I have known Scott for over 20 years. One of the great joys of our long friendship was watching how Scott confronted his addiction issues and fight doggedly to overcome them. Scott has a boundless capacity for empathy and understanding, with the expertise in addiction counselling to make a difference in people’s lives. I am inspired, though not surprised, to now watch Scott apply his own personal experience and his deep knowledge in the pursuit of helping others.

Toronto, ON

Scott helped me begin my path to recovery 8 years ago. Since then, he has continued to play an important role in my journey to be free of addiction. Despite my struggles over the years, he has never given up on me and has always made himself available. He has been someone my family and I could rely on. He is passionate and committed to helping people with mental health and addiction issues. Scott is someone I greatly admire and I will continue to seek his guidance and support.

Toronto, ON

Entering into counselling with Scott has proved to be a transformative and empowering experience. With Scott’s support and guidance, my life truly has changed for the better. I found the courage here to make changes in my life that were long overdue. I would recommend Scott to anyone who wants a better life!