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Learn more about drug addiction and how addiction counselling can help you. Start your recovery today!

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Scott barter

Addiction Counselling

I am a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (C.C.A.C.), with a number of years experience in the field of addiction and dual disorders in Toronto. Substance abuse can lead to feelings of hopelessness, depression and a lack of purpose in life. I help those who are in the grips of addiction overcome their substance abuse and work towards making lasting positive changes in their life.

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Dr. Matthew Burke, MD
Chief Neurology Resident, University of Toronto

I worked with Scott as part of the University of Toronto Substance Abuse Awareness Initiative. Together, we gave talks at local high schools focusing on the science of addiction. Scott’s enthusiasm and dedication to this field is supremely evident. Furthermore, he offers a unique and comprehensive approach to addictions and their management. I would strongly recommend him!

Alex Tapscott
Co-author of Blockchain Revolution

I have known Scott for over 20 years. One of the great joys of our long friendship was watching how Scott confronted his addiction issues and fight doggedly to overcome them. Scott has a boundless capacity for empathy and understanding, with the expertise in addiction counselling to make a difference in people’s lives. I am inspired, though not surprised, to now watch Scott apply his own personal experience and his deep knowledge in the pursuit of helping others.

Toronto, ON

Scott helped me begin my path to recovery 8 years ago. Since then, he has continued to play an important role in my journey to be free of addiction. Despite my struggles over the years, he has never given up on me and has always made himself available. He has been someone my family and I could rely on. He is passionate and committed to helping people with mental health and addiction issues. Scott is someone I greatly admire and I will continue to seek his guidance and support.

Toronto, ON

Entering into counselling with Scott has proved to be a transformative and empowering experience. With Scott’s support and guidance, my life truly has changed for the better. I found the courage here to make changes in my life that were long overdue. I would recommend Scott to anyone who wants a better life!

why Scott Barter?

Why Choose Scott Barter When Seeking Help For Addiction?

Addiction counseling provides addiction treatment programs that work, and that can permanently change an individual’s life for the better. Recovery is too important to risk going anywhere else.

  • Individualized treatment approach
  • Addresses underlying root causes
  • Experienced professionalism
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Family counseling and therapy
  • Effective treatment with proven results

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